A Message from the Chairman

The time has come for Hispanics to be counted in all aspects of life in New York State. Hispanics are the largest growing population in New York and the least represented in policy making positions. We must work together to ensure that our people are represented in all aspects of government, business, and community.

The 2010 Census data revealed that the New York State Hispanic population grew to 3,416,922 an increase of over 549,339 from the 2000 Census and 1,202,896 from 1990. There are increases in 57 of the 62 counties of New York.  Leading the Hispanic population growth were the counties of Suffolk, Bronx, Westchester, Nassau, Queens and Orange. The upstate Hispanic population growth was led by Monroe, Erie and Onondaga counties.

The Hispanic population not only grew in numbers but also in stature. The number of Hispanic State representatives grew to 19, 13 Assembly and 6 Senate.  We have elected Mayors, County Legislators, City Council Members and Judges. We must continue our work to be heard and represented.

The Hispanic population is also younger than the general population. Nearly 30% are 18 years old or younger as compared to 21% of non-Hispanics. This demands our attention. Educating our youth and preparing them for college or career is of vital importance for their future and our economy.  Hispanics face more serious health issues than non-Hispanics and because of this we must focus on prevention and education and not respond with crisis reaction medical treatment. We have issues to discuss and problems to solve.

The SomosNewYork.org website is intended to help facilitate communications about and for Hispanics. We will work to keep you informed about Hispanic issues, events, and culture. Join us by letting us know about the issues you care about and tell us about events happening in your communities. We should all be united in our goals to be heard and we can be if we use this website as a base.

As Chairman of The New York State Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican & Hispanic Task Force, I welcome you to SOMOS website and encourage you to register and join in on ongoing dialog of issues and policy making. I want you to be a part of the growth of Hispanic success stories. The Hispanic population has grown in numbers and in strength. Together we will be empowered and our voices will be heard.